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We called our hostel- mi casa es tu casa- because we felt and we knew this is what we are offering to travelers, backpackers, school groups, families and so on. Comfortable rooms and bright suites, equipped with vintage furniture; air conditioning and heating system, Original paintings from national and international artist are hang on the walls. Now and then we organise social activities giving the city the opportunity to acquaint with the artists lodging at the hostel. It carries a homey feeling.

We take care of three friendly dogs, housed from the street. We manage a piece of land placed on the skirt of the city, where, the vegetables used for us and guests of the hostel, are grown. Another extension of the hostel is placed 25 km distance on the sea shore- Camping clandestino– It’s a wonderful point to swim, meditate, exercise, kitting, and, at night, get together around a wooden fire.
We encourage farmers and small artisans to produce more organic food and products.

In our hostel you don’t rent just a comfortable and clean bed. You rent the possibility off choosing between different areas to relax , the luxury of being on your own in a nice cozy corner of the garden or among other backpackers, sitting down in the verandas, conversing and having a beer or glass of wine from the local artisans. Within a bed you rent a kitchen too, where you can cook a meal, an organic and rich breakfast; various possibilities explained carefully for you to know the city and to explore the touristic places.


Shkodra or Shkoder is one of the oldest and most historic places of the balkans peninsula as well known also as an important cultural and economic center. It was the capital of the illyrians labeates and gives also the name at liqeni i Shkodres (Shkodra lake) the largest lake in southern europe.
Shkodra has the best geographical position in Albania. At the foothills of the Albanian Alps and surrounded by the freshwaters of the rivers of Kiri, Buna, Drini and the famous Lake of Shkodra, it also stands just 40 km by the Adriatic sea; that makes this ancient city an important Tourist, cultural and educational centre.

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Guest Reviews

"I cannot say enough positive things about this hostel. The staff are great, the rooms are clean, and the atmosphere is very laid back."
by United States of America
"A really cute and homey hostel. The atmosphere is just amazing! Even if we came to see the City, we just enjoyed staying at the hostel for some time."
by Germany
"Amazing place to stay. The hosts are kind, friendly, helpful and very lovely people. Made my stay most comfortable. Highly recommended!"
by New Zealand

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