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Happy To Be Part Of The Interview Taken by German Television ‘WDR RAISEN’ At Our Hostel

Albania is becoming a popular tourist destination and is known for the hospitality of its inhabitants. Christian Loss has Shkodra, the Shala River, Theth and of course Tirana on the program and travels by bus, boat and drivers across the … Read More

Alma’s Interview for the French Television ‘France 3 Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur’ About Tourism In Albania

Albania lived for 46 years under a communist dictatorial regime. For many years the country had no contact with the outside world until 1992. With its beautiful landscapes, it has for several years been a popular tourist destination for European … Read More

Ani’s Interview With Geraldine, for a Dutch Television

Check Ani’s small tour through the city of Shkoder and find more reasons to visit our beautiful Albania. Check the video out!!

29K Likes For The Song “Bella Vita” Recorded At Our Hostel By The Talented Singer Diona Fona.

Check the video out!! Enjoy these positive vibes in a summer night at our hostel, full of: energy, happy faces playing whistling and singing together.